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[100% Working Method] How to verify my Youtube Channel updated


How to verify my Youtube Channel updated

Verification is a very serious and helpful badge for a YouTuber, which helps him be legitimate on the platform. You have to apply for a verification badge from youtube. It is a manual verification process done by youtube, as same as monetization verification.

Note: How need a minimum of 100,000 subscribers for a verification badge by youtube on your youtube channel.

To verify your youtube account, you need a smartphone with a good internet connection and a phone number, which will generate text messages for a verification process.

Note: some countries may not support phone message verification. 

To verify your youtube account, follow the steps below 

1. Open your youtube account on any browser, go to settings on the computer. It's on the left side. Click on it.

2. Your account settings will open after clicking on the view additional features in your account option.

3. In additional features, you will see verify option click on it.

4. The page will load, and there will be an account verification page that will verify you are an actual human, not a robot.

5. Select your country. After that, there will be an option to select how to get the verification code by a call with an automated voice message or a text verification code.

6. There will be a confirm option to click on it. After that, enter your phone number and click on submit.

7. You will receive a six-digit verification code which you have to put in an empty text box.

8. After entering the six-digit code, hit submit button.

Once you complete all these steps, you will receive a confirmation, and your verification badge will appear on the status and features page of your account.

How to Create a YouTube Channel & Make the Most of YouTube’s Billion-User Network

YouTube is an online video network with over a billion users, and every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours of content on YouTube. What's more? Mobile devices provide an even better user experience. YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the US.
So, where does that leave us? It leaves us with a huge market opportunity, because the number of businesses using YouTube is minuscule. In fact, there are only 9% of small businesses in the U.S who actively use YouTube and my hunch is that figure would be pretty accurate worldwide, too.
We need to talk about YouTube. It’s time to invest in YouTube as part of your social media strategy.
In short, video is one of the most powerful mediums of communication we’ve ever invented, and it also happens to be one of the easiest to create. A single video can combine the impact of photography, audio, and written content. The best part? Videos are more memorable than any other form of content out there.
 Video marketing is a great way to reach your target audience, grow your business brand awareness.
Video is cheap and easy to make now. While it used to be difficult for businesses to create high-quality video, this is not the case anymore. For that reason, there’s more opportunity than ever before to get on YouTube.

Video is a fantastic medium for storytelling. That said, it can be more difficult to create than a blog post or an image, and the investment of time and resources is a little different. We’re not suggesting it should replace some of the other outreach you’re doing — webinars, images, and social media posts are great ways to engage with your audience.

Because video is harder to produce than a blog post or an image.

 Video is harder to produce than a blog post or an image.

How to write good copy for your startup's website?

Good Copy isn't just about writing, it's also about marketing, which involves knowing the product, the market and your customers so you can write copy that resonates with them and converts to sales.

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The Prettiest Female Soccer Players

The Prettiest Female Soccer Players

Some of the most beautiful women in the world are professional soccer players. They are found all over the world. They can be mistaken for models if you don't know what you're looking at. This is because they have some impressive physical attributes. That's right, some female football players are also models!

Here are a few of the most beautiful soccer players from all over the world. Some of these athletes have achieved incredible individual and team success.

10. Courtney Dike

American-born Nigerian footballer, Courtney Dike is one of the prettiest female soccer players in Africa. One day, she was just an ordinary high school student. The next day, her extraordinary performance as a student of Edmond North High School in Oklahoma earned her scholarships.

The young Nigerian-American soccer player, who obtained a degree in accounting from Oklahoma State University during the 2013-2016 period, proudly represented her country. She is a world champion and Olympic bronze medalist. She scored the fastest goal of the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in Canada, a tournament she came first in. The same year, she won the Discovery of the Year Award at the Nigeria Sports Award.

Courtney is the epitome of beauty and brains. Her beautiful look won her so many fans in Nigerian and beyond. In fact, some acknowledge her beauty more than her performances on the pitch.

9. Laisa Andrioli

Laisa Andrioli is one of the prettiest female footballers ever. She is 5 ft 9 and possesses amazing body features. Laisa hails from Brazil in South America and represented the National team for several years.

Her impressive looks and football status makes her an ideal candidate for brands looking to promote themselves. In 2009, she was invited by a Brazilian magazine to pose for pictures with just her boots on. Interestingly, she accepted the offer and her life took a different turn. Suddenly, she became so popular that she appeared on TV and radio shows as a guest. She also leveraged her popularity to go into modeling.

Laisa is not afraid of posing for racy photos and there are lots of them available on her social media handles.

8. Ellyse Perry

Ellyse Perry is not just beautiful, she is multi-talented too. At a very young age of 16, Perry had already represented her country’s cricket and football national teams. Hence, she became the first Australian to feature in both the ICC and FIFA World Cup tournaments.

She's a famous athlete, and she's been successful on and off the field. 2013 was particularly successful, as she won numerous trophies and began playing cricket instead of football. Strangely enough, it was around this time that she became more popular. Her fame continued to grow thanks to her success as a model and her many endorsements. She's been seen as the face of brands like Jockey, Hisense, and Red Bull.

7. Alisha Lehman

Alisha Lehman is a 5 ft 5 blond-haired young Swiss professional female footballer. She plays as a forward for the English club, Aston Villa. Before her move to the club in 2021, Lehman played for the likes of Everton and West Ham United. 

She scored her first goal for the Swiss women’s national football team in March 2018, 5 months after her debut. Perhaps, she was busy entertaining the football audience with her pretty looks in those five months. She is not shy about sharing her beautiful photos on Instagram. With roughly 3 million followers, it's hard to imagine that she could go unnoticed.

6. Nayeli Rangel

One of the North American representatives on the list of The prettiest female soccer player is Nayeli Rangel. She is a Mexican professional footballer who has won two Liga MX Femenil with Tigres UANL so far. 

She has about a century of appearances with the Mexican female national team. In 2015, she captained the team to the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Rangel’s 5 ft 8 height makes her visible to all to see Whether she's on the pitch or off it, this football player is an inspiration to many. She shares her pictures on social media of her game, of her dogs, of herself doing other things. She is one of those few female players whose pictures keep people hanging out for more.

5. Selina Wagner

Selina Wagner is another example of female footballers into modeling. She played for the likes of VFL Wolfsburg and SC Freiburg before her move to SC Sand in the German Bundesliga. During her time with VFL Wolfsburg, she helped the team win the UEFA Women’s Champions League, Bundesliga, and DFB-Pokal twice respectively.

In 2011, Wagner featured in a German issue of Playboy photoshoot. She is 5 ft 6 with beautiful blond hair on her. There are few German female footballers as pretty as Wagner.

4. Lauren Sesselmann

Wesselman plays for the Canadian national female soccer team but she was eligible for theU.S.A team too. Most of her career at the club level was in the U.S with the likes of Atlanta Beat, FC Kansas City, and Santa Clarita Blue Heat.

She is a mental health advocate and rightly so. Merely looking at her beautiful pictures on TV or social media can help improve one’s mood. Whether on a bikini on the beach or fully kitted on a jumpsuit, Sesselmann’s appearance is attractive.

3. Hope Solo

It is not always that a goalkeeper makes the list of prettiest female soccer players. Hope Solo is a proud mother of twin babies she gave birth to in 2020. 

She is a two-time Olympic Gold medalist and a one-time FIFA Women’s World Cup champion. Besides football, Solo takes advantage of her beautiful looks to feature on Magazines and TV shows. In 2011, she was part of a team of dancers that got to the semi-final Of America’s Dancing with the Stars. Other shows she featured include Eurosport promo, Sports Illustrated, Vogue, The Late Shows, amongst others.

2. Alex Morgan

Alex Morgan is the prettiest female football player, but she is just edged to the top sport by another female soccer player. Morgan is famous and that is to a large extent owing to her success as a football player. However, her beautiful looks also make fans want to identify with her. She consistently feeds the eyes of her more than 9 million Instagram followers with beautiful photos of her.

Her photos feature her daughter, Charlie Elena, and her husband Servando Carrasco. Her pet dogs too make an appearance but not even they gain as much attention as Morgan, whose beautiful looks are unavoidable. Even on the football pitch with all the sweats, Morgan manages to look just as beautiful as off it.

1. Sydney Leroux

Leroux is a mother of two but her looks suggest otherwise. She has featured in several magazines and TV shows used to promote brands and her looks and other female athletes. She featured ESPN’s The Body Issue where she appeared semi-nude. Following that appearance, she said: “I’ve never struggled with how I look.”

She was on the cover of ESPN’s magazine in 2015 alongside Alex Morgan. Also, she made a guest appearance in Canada’s Breakfast Television and was featured in one of AOL’s online series, My Ink. 

The Prettiest Female Soccer Players

Final Thought

All the female soccer players mentioned here are pretty however, this does not in any way influence their ability on the soccer pitch. The Greatest female soccer players are the real winners on the pitch but outside it, the prettiest female soccer players may be the Champions. Finally, pretty female soccer players worthy of mention include Lee Min-a of South Korea, Jonelle Filing of Canada, and Julia Simic of Germany.

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Treks in India for Beginners

Treks in India for Beginners


In India, one can be entertained by treks in August. Several people enjoy the rain and some do not. In August, not that many visitors visit, so one can relish a less congested mountain. Mountains become dangerous to do trekking in this month because the place gets slithery and there are big chances of falling but that adds to the exhilaration and adventure. One cannot predict snow-wrapped terrains all the time. Foliage is appreciable too and experienced as people don't get to celebrate this in their busy life. August is the time to analyze the mountains for uncovering the best part of them.

Top 10 Treks in India for Beginners

There are several trek tours in August from which one could select according to their choice, which is applicable for them. Trekking never goes bad with good shoes and good recommendations. One gets to analyze the elegance of the mountains. It is a time to occupy the flora and fauna and build memories and memorize.

Here are some treks for beginners in India:-

Valley of Flowers trek

Treks in India for Beginners

Only in the course of monsoon season i.e. from July to September, one gets to encounter and attend this hypnotic place. It is a national park that is open for trekkers and is one of the most glamorous treks. The Valley of Flowers trek is accurate for beginners to begin their trekking line and investigate the natural side of the Himalayas. In monsoon, a mixture of unusual flowers blossoms and makes it spectacular for trekking. The rainy climate enhances the beautiful decor and makes it look godly. Trekkers enjoy a variety of birds, trees, flowers, and landscapes and analyze pathless parts of the Himalayas. It is a very simple trek and is precise for beginners as well as for experienced to experience unreal beauty.

Stok Kangri Trek

Ladakh is one of the states in India which is a very high length of the Himalayan area. This trek is one of the extensively enthralling treks in Ladakh. The topography of this trek is astonishing and one of the most lovely. This area is not only admired by Indians but around the globe. Each year people around the globe visit this place just to take in all the magnificence and to withstand the bliss. It is quite a hard trek and needs previous experience. It could be impossible for learners and challenging just for professionals. This trek is arranged at 20,182 ft and can inflict problems because of its high altitude.

Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek

This place is one of the most fascinating and friendly places, particularly during the monsoons. The rain strengthens its charm and makes it more beautiful than ever. One can catch unusual flora and fauna and an assortment of landscapes during the trek. This trek comprises at least twelve peaks like Nanda Kot, Changaband, Trishuli, etc. This trek is also one of the most demanding treks but novices can do it and fully enjoy it. This trek is solely a unique experience. All the hard tasks and actions put in to attain the goal would be worth the pain. Trekkers want this trek for its incredible beauty and the wealthy variety of flora and fauna. One can detect new animals and plants and know extraordinary things.

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

This is one of the ancient treks in the Indian Himalayas. It is also recognized as the "Valley of Gods". This valley offers eye-catching spectacular beauty to trekkers. This trek is reasonably arduous and can take around thirteen to seventeen days to complete. This trek is worth trying if you are looking for some dare and adventure at no time experienced previously. The view after finishing off the trek would be worth all the inconvenience and pain taken and would give you a bizarre experience.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir is one of the most attractive places in India. It is frankly heavenly and one would feel like it is a utopia on Earth. This trek is one of the most renowned treks in Kashmir. The extraordinary view of the lakes and snow-covered peaks is the climax. This trek permits you to see the hidden side of the Himalayas and to meet something never felt before. This trek is medium and needs prior experience of trekking. It is demanding and is full of adventure.

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Packaging of the products is the most essential part of a company that produces different products. The quality of the packaging should be as good as the product. The packaging of the products speaks for itself. Quality packaging means that all the services are rightly provided by the company. 

The packaging of the product should be strong so that the product inside it stays safe and protected. Moreover, it should be eye-catching so that it can grab the attention of the customers. When the customers will get what they desire, they will be satisfied with your brand and will become loyal to your brand which will in the end increase the number of sales. This will cause the company to gain profits. 

The manufacturers of the companies should always research for the new trends and preferences of the customers and do the work according to that. This will help the company flourish more and more. These days, Kraft packaging is very popularly being used by every other packaging company. 

The Kraft paper box comes with a very subtle and simple design yet is very appealing to the customers. They can be easily customized which makes them even more attractive to the customers. They come with many benefits to the customers as well as the companies. Some of them are as follow:

  • Environmental friendly: The kraft boxes are made of Kraft paper which is quite eco-friendly. It is available in the market effortlessly. This material is said to be a material that is easily recycled, decomposed, and reused.

  • Affordable: People always buy the things which are affordable for them. The manufacturers of the company should keep the economic status of the customers in mind. The Kraft packaging boxes are very economical as they are easily available in the market.  

  • Best Quality: The Kraft packaging boxes are very famous for their superior quality. It serves the purpose of packaging very well. They have multi-layers that protect the product against any kind of damage or breakage. The Kraft packaging also can avoid some severe weather conditions such as heat or moisture. This is because these weather conditions can damage or rust the products.

  • Easy customization and personalization: The Kraft packaging boxes have the best quality because of which the printing can also be done efficiently and effectively. The Kraft boxes can be easily imprinted with good quality ink and it will make the packaging box look more appealing and professional. The Kraft boxes should have all the essential details such as the logo of the company, its tagline, its email address, the receiver’s and sender’s address, and also the QR codes. 

  • Widely used: The Kraft packaging boxes are loved by the customers as well as the companies. Because of all these benefits that Kraft packaging gives, they are widely being used in the world. They are also widely for the packaging of bakery items, jewelry, gifts, etc.

The Kraft box packaging is used in different styles and sizes, totally depending upon the products that you want to be packed. Some of the very famous and common types of Kraft packaging boxes are:

  • Jewelry Kraft Boxes: Jewelry is such an item which is a very valuable product. People love wearing it. It is sometimes even close to their heart. Emotions are also involved with this product. The Kraft box that is used for jewelry is perfect for them as they are stylish, modish, and have proper safety to protect the jewelry pieces from any kind of rust, breakage, or other damage. It also has customized sizes which makes it look more elegant and appealing to the customers.

  • Die-cut Kraft Boxes: These are the Kraft boxes that are mostly used for eatable or bakery or restaurant items. They usually look very attractive to the customers. They have different sizes and have a proper cut which has a laminated shiny plastic sheet on it from which you can see inside. This sheet protects the food from getting cold, stays fresh, and stays away from any chemical reaction.

  • Foldable Kraft Gift Boxes: These are the types of boxes that are customized in different sizes according to the gift that has to be packed in them. The gift looks even prettier in such foldable boxes. This option of folding gives it another appealing level which would make it look even more attention-seeking. Moreover, the design such as using ribbons or imprinting some messages on it will make the person feel more special.

  • Kraft bags with handles: These are the bags that can leave a long-lasting impression on the customer. They feel more convenient in having them along to any place. They can easily carry them everywhere. These bags have a natural light brown color and look very elegant. It can attract a customer easily. 

  • Kraft zipper boxes: These are the boxes that are again used for the items which the customer wants to stay fresh. The zipper on the top will seal it properly and makes it stay fresh with a smile and satisfaction on the customer’s face. 

 Stampa Prints - the best and eco-friendly packaging company

Stampa Prints is a company that provides you with the best quality in Custom packaging manufacturers USA. They never compromise on their quality. Customers are always at their priority. They also provide customer service for you. 

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Product Matters so Does its Packaging too

Product Matters so Does its Packaging too

You are wrong if you thought that in product marketing, the product packaging of custom donut boxes is the last thing that plays a key role. Never neglect the value of packaging and it is the foundation of the success of any business. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that not just quality but also the custom packaging of the product influences the buying behavior of potential customers.

In this article, we are going to have a closer look at five reasons why the product matters and so do its packaging too.

Product Matters so Does its Packaging too

Grabs the attention of customers:

Are you aware of the fact that customers take the final decision to buy every 2 out of 3 items inside the shop? Product packaging plays a vital role in grabbing the attention of customers. It also helps them in persuading them to shop.

It is also observed that it's the packaging of the product that attracts the attention of customers towards the product or article. There is nothing wrong with claiming that customized cardboard boxes can be the root cause of the success or failure of your business. You can easily grasp the idea behind the packaging of product boxes.

Buying your custom donut boxes is the best decision that your customer will take.

Doubles the value of your product by using packaging:

Humans assume the value and quality of any product or article by just having a look at its packaging. No doubt in saying that custom donut boxes can increase the value of your product by using customized packaging.

It forces brands to charge more money for a specific article or item. Just take a small example that you enter a shop to buy wine for your friend. As you don't like or are not fond of alcohol, it will be hard for you to make the ultimate decision. But based on custom boxes, you can make your final decision. What will be your choice, quality wine packed in simple packaging or regular wine packed inside custom donut boxes?

You will choose the one that looks wonderful and captivating. Therefore, you will mind spending the extra money to pack ordinary wine in exclusive packaging. So most of the businesses nowadays don't compromise on product packaging.

Product packaging brings brand identification:

To identify companies and also advertise them, the marketing of custom donut boxes is the primary way to get noticed and recognized all over the globe. By making use of a specific color scheme, logo, typeface, and imagery, your product gets brand identification from clients. No doubt spending money on your marketing boxes also helps you to stand out from the crowd and competitors.

 There exist many brands that are consistent with their logo and color scheme and one of them is Coca Cola Company. From the 19th century, you have noticed only two colors: red and white. If we talk about apples, you might have noticed an apple symbol on the items made by Apple Company.

Similarly, if we notice other brands such as Nike, Amazon the images of its packaging are widely different and innovative. So whenever you hear the name of the brand or buy any of its products, the first thing that grasps your attention is its packaging.

Builds ethos and brand image:

Are you familiar with the idea that custom donut boxes provide the tools to reinforce and develop the model of your favorite article or product? What packaging cardboard boxes reflect for your article or product?

People nowadays are more concerned about the material of product packaging. They don't care about the appearance of the article and it also reflects that your company cares about the environment of the product.

Customers are not going to notice the product if you are selling items in non-eco-friendly custom donut boxes. But people come over the brands for eco-friendly boxes. According to recent studies, 52 percent of the people around us make their buying decision for a product or item based on the material of the boxes.

So people are always in search of companies that are offering custom donut boxes. People used carton boxes in the past for packing, but it also helped them to build the character of their company. It also shows that your brand takes care that the product is packed inside eco-friendly customized boxes. Therefore, you will come to know about the considerable change in the percentage of eco-friendly custom boxes.

Customized boxes bring safety and protection:

How will you feel when a customer complains about the damaged product? So when the clients get the damaged products, they will not be in search of the quality of the item. No doubt he is behaving this way because of poor packaging. Your product packaging must be multipurpose so it also serves as shipping customized boxes.

If you pack your articles in ordinary shipping boxes, then your products might be damaged. These are five reasons why products matter so does packaging too.

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[2 Reasons] Why do Seinfeld fans Avoid Friends?

Why do Seinfeld fans hate Friends?

Seinfeld came on NBC from the year 1989 to 1998. It is an American television series created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David. It has a total of 9 seasons with 180 episodes. The show was based on the minutiae of daily life, and it is the greatest and famous influential sitcom. It was featured as the best television show of all time. 

Friends came on September 22 in 1994. It went for Ten seasons. Friends were mainly famous because of their friendships among 6 friends living in Manhattan, New York City. Friends is an American television sitcom that was created by Marta Kauffman and David Crane. Friends became the most popular television show it went famous for their comedy and all the 6 friends showing the 20s and 30s era by living their life.

Reason Why do Seinfeld fans hate Friends?

Why do Seinfeld fans hate Friends?

After watching both the shows, you can easily judge which one is better; yes, both are on their best Friends, or Seinfeld were both the best sitcoms. Still, after watching Seinfeld, viewers said that it is better than Friends and some viewers think that friends are copied from Seinfeld, but the friends having a group of 6 friends living in New York City and hanging out in a coffee shop.

Seinfeld was made emotionless to make people laugh, and where Friends has emotions and some heartwarming scenes after watching Seinfeld, you will definitely stick to it for a long time. Once you are stick, you will have a burst of great laughter and enjoy the best time of life while watching it. 

'Seinfeld' fans upset that Netflix reduced the picture ratio of the original episodes

Netflix, understandably, has been receiving negative feedback from “Seinfeld” fans who are not happy with the new aspect ratio. The sitcom’s original 4:3 aspect ratio is being replaced with the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio, which cuts out jokes in the process.
With fans of the popular 1990s sitcom waiting months for new episodes, they’ve been quick to point out that episodes aired on Hulu are not formatted properly. Die-hard supporters have been vocal about the show on social media, citing the new 16:9 ratio’s shrinkage on the top and bottom of the screen as a problem.
It's no secret that the vast majority of TV scenes are framed for a 4:3 television. This means that when shows are shown in wider formats, there are bound to be some issues. A fan on Twitter recently pointed out that in "The Pothole," the scene from a recent episode of The Simpsons, one particular street obstacle seems to have been cropped out.
 Your e-commerce site should be as good as any physical store.
Other fans have been upset with Jerry’s sneaker collection. These shoes are a representation of the man himself, and many people don’t feel that they are enough in this digital age. Complex has reported that the sneaker collection has been cut out of the modern ratio to appeal to an “older audience.”
The idea of spending $100 on one season of a show might seem expensive at first — but it's actually a genius marketing move that will attract both current and new customers. In addition to giving dedicated fans the chance to watch their favourite TV shows whenever they want, the streaming service has also found a way to expose its shows to entirely new audiences.
"We've had a lot of great ideas over the past few years, but we decided to go for it and plan for nine seasons of The Office."