Nora Valorant New Agent

Riot is very actively working on a new agent recently which can be Nora there are many possibilities to launch Nora as a new agent in Valorant. Valorant is a 5v5 multiplayer shooting fps game developed by Riot It became very famous in 2020 because it has some special features such as every player has different abilities which you can use to play in the game Valorant has introduced Astra Agent which has the good ability that was very helpful in competitive level. 

In Episode 3 the valorant can launch agent 16th in episode 2 act3 the valorant has launched a breeze map instead of the new agent so that's why the players are conformed that the new agent will launch in episode 3.

Is Nora Valorants New Agent?

Answer:- No the Nora won't be a New agent in Valorant it's just fan art made by Kai Chang.

Kaichang has created Nora's concept and that so well that The Riot team has designed Nora as a New agent.

Nora Valorant New Agent

The Tweet which is been circulating has a description written that she is a member of Kingdom Company and she is responsible to know the truth of the parallel world.

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