Fix Vanguard not Initialized error code 57
Vanguard not Initialized this error comes because of Riot vanguard, a security system by Riot games. Riot Vanguard can generate 2 main errors that are error code 57 and error code 128. We will solve these errors with the help of this article.

What is Riot Vanguard?

Vanguard has a client who keeps runs when the Valorant is running. It is a custom anti-cheat system by Riot games. Riot Vanguard keeps actively running in the background to make the game environment good. Riot Vanguard has two main core components that Riot games have given. The first principal component is a traditional scanner which helps to boost the game, and a device driver starts working when the windows start. The device driver works in the background while the valorant is not working. 

Steps to Fix Vanguard not Initialized error code 57

1. You have to close the Riot Vanguard service. To do that, you have to exit the Riot Vanguard from the Bottom Right corner. After that, Right-click on it and click on exit.
Fix Vanguard not Initialized error code 57
2. Now you have to open This Pc. After that, go to Local disc C, and in local disc C, open program files. After that, find the Riot Vanguard folder.
Fix Vanguard not Initialized error code 57
3. Right-click on the folder and click on the delete option and confirm it. After that, start your game again, and it will reinstall the Riot Vanguard again.
4. After the Riot Vanguard installation, it requires the Pc restart to start service usually; for that, you have to restart your computer, and after that, the game will work fine, and the error code 57 will be gone.

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