How to verify my Youtube Channel updated

Verification is a very serious and helpful badge for a YouTuber, which helps him be legitimate on the platform. You have to apply for a verification badge from youtube. It is a manual verification process done by youtube, as same as monetization verification.

Note: How need a minimum of 100,000 subscribers for a verification badge by youtube on your youtube channel.

To verify your youtube account, you need a smartphone with a good internet connection and a phone number, which will generate text messages for a verification process.

Note: some countries may not support phone message verification. 

To verify your youtube account, follow the steps below 

1. Open your youtube account on any browser, go to settings on the computer. It's on the left side. Click on it.

2. Your account settings will open after clicking on the view additional features in your account option.

3. In additional features, you will see verify option click on it.

4. The page will load, and there will be an account verification page that will verify you are an actual human, not a robot.

5. Select your country. After that, there will be an option to select how to get the verification code by a call with an automated voice message or a text verification code.

6. There will be a confirm option to click on it. After that, enter your phone number and click on submit.

7. You will receive a six-digit verification code which you have to put in an empty text box.

8. After entering the six-digit code, hit submit button.

Once you complete all these steps, you will receive a confirmation, and your verification badge will appear on the status and features page of your account.

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