Trips To Do With Friends in India

A getaway from the hustle-bustle of a stressful life is a must and with friends, the trip becomes more exciting, daunting, and truly amazing. Trippin through memorable roads, meadows, terrains, gorgeous hills and hues of nature can easily indulge anyone falling and mesmerizing in the youthful experience of the trip. India serves as an incredible host to travelers with splendid views, pristine forests, gushy waterfalls, scenic valleys, and other elements of attractions that are outstandingly beautiful. Travel junkies, nature enthusiasts, explorers, anyone with their buddies experience a piece of heaven that binds to melt into the beauty and tranquility. Trip with friends unveiling many exotic gardens, stunning lakes, marvelous palaces, beautiful temples, rich flora, and fauna along with the vibrant hospitality is a perfect and must thing to do. 

Top 5 must trip to do with friends in India

Trips To Do With Friends in India

Leh Ladakh


What rules over this region is Mother Nature. 

No other place will satisfy the craving of the exhilarating bike ride to Leh like this trip. It is a splendid experience to learn new stuff, excitement, culture, heritage, etc, earn new travel junkies, an abundance of memories, and relish everything. One would feel as small and intimidating as Lilliput in the land of giant mountains. The mountains, monasteries, lakes, idle space to wander through miles with the gorgeous panoramic views will make the trip go gaga with the friends. The blue-white skies, serene snow-white ends, blue-green highlands with the relaxed blue water of the lake, and luxurious green grass are such a great exploration to unleash with your buddies. 

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Andaman & Nicobar


The Emerald view stretched all over the miles with a clear lovely sky above the head and crystal sand beneath the feet is such pure heaven to relish. It’s a pure gold island hub. Performing diverse water sports and activities, living the fantasy in real life, wandering through the bliss breeze of Sandy beach, munching exotic seafood, and much more to relish. It is the gorgeous renowned island of the Andaman Islands. Blissful marine experience and water sports for adventure souls will satisfy and fulfill the best of it. Close experience of nature is a purely peaceful experience that one should have. Jungle trek, camping, or performing other rigorous activities is a delightful treat here and the excellent part is to refuel or rejuvenate oneself from all the tiredness with exotic fresh coconut water or milk, perfect seafood, and whatnot. The freshness awaits here!


It is an excellent exotic spot to revive the young soul into the truancy reality. The abundance of enjoyment, excitement, seafood- lobsters, crabs, fishes, oysters, prawns much more to have a whole bowl meal, full starry night dancing feet along, cheering in the crowd fest, etc. Goa is heaven not to miss out at all. What’s better than grooving on a trippy trance in the sun and being the exquisite part of Asia’s largest dance party. The Goan dance to beaches, water sports to churches, bakery to cuisine, waterfalls to lovely streets, this place has everything you wish and want to live for. Night clubs, night walks, night parties, shopping, casino, wildlife visit alongside spice plantations, experiencing dreamy spring, falls, forts list goes on and on. It’s a pure cultural & rich heritage that will rejuvenate you and with friends that is a cherry on the cake.


A rich tiny hamlet surrounded by tranquil nature in the heart of Manali, the Himachal region is pure bliss to adore. Once you reach the destination you will be lost standing amidst breathtaking peaks lush green surrounding mountains all around. Kasual presents amazing places to visit and enjoy in Chalal, Malana, Barshaini, Rosol, Parvati River, Camping in Kasol, Kheerganga Trek, etc. One can enjoy themselves as one can play and try to climb over the long stretch slip and fall in lush greenery! Here you can enjoy it as a child !! 


Driving along the road leading to the gorgeous place known as Darjeeling, passing through the bliss bay of greenery, hillside settlements. 

What’s the iconic thing here, tea plantation. Come fall in love with the serene nature and its tropical aura rich in the fragrance of plantation and soulful beauty. Come fall in love with nature and explore the beautiful sunset and sunrise along with a cup of exotic fresh tea.

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