Thursday, June 10, 2021

[100% Fix] 4 Steps For GTA V lag and Freeze Issue in 2022


Fix the GTAV lag and Freeze Issue

GTAV is a very popular game which is developed by Rockstar with the old-time hit is GTA ViceCity the GTAV also became a great hit by Rockstar GTAV Online was introduced to the players it was a new concept for players in gaming but it also gets popular because with the help of online mode players can play with their friends and can enjoy the game. 

The GTAV becoming a heavy game with around 98GB of data is tough to play on a low-end PC. But the players who were willing to play GTAV are very excited GTAV was launched in 2013 the game is great because of its graphics and its realistic gameplay GTAV in 2021 has a huge fan base now too the players enjoy GTAV a lot and mainly now due to Roleplays the players are will to play it.

With the updates, GTAV has become heavier to play the low specs PC might handle the game it may start Lagging freezes at some times but with the help of this article, you can easily fix your GTAV lag and freeze.

There are many things that could be causing the GTA V freezing on Windows 10 problem. However, it is very likely that it is due to some software or hardware issue. If this does happen, you will need to perform some troubleshooting steps to determine the issue.

GTA V is an action adventure game that was first released by Rockstar Games last year. You can play the game in either first or third person mode, and you control three different characters to complete missions. The game is considered as one of the most popular games played on Steam and one of the top 10 games ever made.

Methods to Fix the GTAV lag and Freeze

Method 1. 

1. Start GTAV and wait until it starts successfully.

Fix the GTAV lag and Freeze

2. After the game starts click on the window button.

3. Open task manager after that Goes to details then find GTAV and Right-click on it.

Fix the GTAV lag and Freeze

4. Click on set priority after that change your priority to high and click change priority after selecting high.

Method 2. 

1. To increase FPS you can reduce your graphics settings 

2. Click on Settings as shown below the image.

Fix the GTAV lag and Freeze

3. Click on the Graphics option in settings.

4. Settings to do:- 

  • Change your resolution as per your PC's configuration and your display.
  • Turn Off 
  1. FXAA
  2. MSAA
  3. V sync 
  4. Pause game on focus loss 
  • Reduce population Density
  • Reduce Population Variety 
  • Reduce Distance Scaling
  • Change settings 
  1. Texture quality- Normal 
  2. Shader quality- Normal
  3. Shadow quality- Normal
  4. Reflection quality- Normal 
  5. Reflection MSAA- Off
  6. Particles quality- Normal 
  7. Grass quality- Normal
  8. Soft shadows- Soft
  9. Post fx- Normal
  10. Anisotropic filtering- x2 
  11. Ambient occulusion- Off
  12. Tesselation- Off
5. After doing all setting just click on apply settings as shown below image.
Fix the GTAV lag and Freeze
6.  Restart the game and it will start working without lag and with high FPS.


Why is GTA lagging so much?

There are a few possible explanations for a stuttering or lagging GTA V. Hardware issues can be caused by a graphics driver being corrupted, improper in-game settings, and more. We have some helpful points below.

Does GTA 5 need graphics card?

Can I play GTA V without a graphics card? You can, but you'll probably play the game on the lowest setting and experience laggy gameplay. A discrete GPU is a good option for smoothing out gameplay and having a better experience.

Can Android run GTA V?

In the past, it may have been difficult for gamers to take their favorite games with them on-the-go. One of the newest solutions is the availability of mobile apps from online gaming platforms such as Steam and Xbox. The two most popular options are Steam Link and Xbox Game Pass. With them, you can not only play the latest games but also stream older ones such as Grand Theft Auto 5, or GTA V.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

[New Theory] Nora Valorant New Agent in 2022


Nora Valorant New Agent

Riot is very actively working on a new agent recently which can be Nora there are many possibilities to launch Nora as a new agent in Valorant. Valorant is a 5v5 multiplayer shooting fps game developed by Riot It became very famous in 2020 because it has some special features such as every player has different abilities which you can use to play in the game Valorant has introduced Astra Agent which has the good ability that was very helpful in competitive level. 

In Episode 3 the valorant can launch agent 16th in episode 2 act3 the valorant has launched a breeze map instead of the new agent so that's why the players are conformed that the new agent will launch in episode 3.

The New Agent Nora Valorant Leaks: What’s With The Site Redesign? New Agent Nora has recently undergone a major redesign in an attempt to increase user experience and engagement. However, the redesign has received some negative responses from users who have complained about a lack of functionality and the presence of bugs.

There will be no new map for the moment. Although there are many leaks about it, Agent Nora from Valorant is coming to join us and we are very interested to see her skills.

Earlier, Cypher called her name and said, “Nora, we’ll see each other again” if he survives with low HP. So maybe Nora is his wife or significant other. In any case, it sounds like this will be a really exciting fight.

It started with 12 agents at launch and now there are 15. Killjoy, Yoru, and Astra all came along later, and now Nora has joined them. It’s been more than 12 days since the third act of Episode 3 has ended, but let’s look at what’s still to come in the game.

Is Nora Valorants New Agent?

Answer:- No the Nora won't be a New agent in Valorant it's just fan art made by Kai Chang.

Kaichang has created Nora's concept and that so well that The Riot team has designed Nora as a New agent.

Nora Valorant New Agent

The Tweet which is been circulating has a description written that she is a member of Kingdom Company and she is responsible to know the truth of the parallel world.

A new set of confidential documents has been leaked to the public. They contain information about the United States Secret Service's newest agent, Nora Valorant, who has recently been assigned to protect president Claire Upright. We have compiled a list of these leaked documents and posted them on our website for everyone to read.


Is Nora the new Valorant agent?

Recently, an image of the newest Valorant agent has been making rounds on the internet. Sadly, she's not a new agent. Nora, as she's called, is an image created by Kai Chang that has captured the attention of many online.

Who will be the 18 agent in VALORANT?

Recently, Riot Developers announced a new agent named Neon. This new agent is a mix of a lot of the previous agents with a few new abilities in order to create a unique player. Neon’s main objective is to control area and blitzkrieg. It is a dueling agent by nature.

Who is Agent 8 VALORANT?

Is Yoru's ancestor from Icebox, who is referenced in a voice line, the same as Valorant? No one knows for sure. The secret operative in question could be sent on a mission by Valorant Protocol to retrieve sensitive information.

Who is the 19th agent in VALORANT?

Riot has just released the name and first look of the next VALORANT Agent. The person in question is from Manila, Philippines, and goes by the name of Neon.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

[Only 4 Steps] How to Fix Valorant Error Code 0

Valorant is a globally popular game now it has been a future of CSGO because many well known CSGO players switched to Valorant and valorant takes care of their players it gives updates by adding new maps to the game or adding new modes such as replication or they add skins which keeps player to grind more.

Valorant is a free-to-play, turn-based, tactical RPG that combines strategy, teamwork and fast-paced combat. This post will show you how to setup your own game development company to make it successful like Valve, Riot Games, and Blizzard Entertainment.

After every update Valroant gets some bugs too it can happen with anyone if you have a high specifications pc or a low specification pc to fix bug valorant requires time but every player cant wait for the update fixing of the bugs and play. From this article, you will get help on how to fix error code 0.


Your game might not be cheating, but the anti-cheat system might. The Valorant Vanguard system is notoriously bad at stopping cheaters. Ever since it was launched, controversy surrounded the game because of the coding that makes up the Valorant Vanguard anti-cheat system. This anti-cheat system works by connecting to your PC’s kernel. This means that the Valorant servers are also connected with the heart of your PC.
Valorant has a top-notch security system that makes it impossible to cheat, but the system is also the most complicated and troublesome. There are a lot of error codes that have risen in Valorant and the Riot client. Most likely, these codes are byproducts of the anti-cheat system.
Sometimes all you need is to restart your game or Vanguard. The Valorant error code could be happening because of problems with the functionality of the Vanguard. When this happens, here are some possible solutions on how to fix it.

Steps to Fix Valorant error code 0 

Step 1- You have to delete the vanguard that's its anti-cheat system by forcefully deleting the vanguard folder.

Step 2- Go to your local disc C after that go to your program files and you will find the Riot vanguard folder as shown in the image.

How to  Fix Valorant error code 0

Path for Riot Vanguard folder-  C:\Program Files

Step 3- Select the Riot Vanguard folder and delete it.

Step 4- After deleting start the game it will take a small update and after that, you need to restart the pc.

The error code 0 will go after that and your game will start working fine the error code 0 page says it's a connection error but it's not because it's a bug.


Why do I keep getting van 0?

The VALORANT Error Code 0 is a common problem that's difficult to fix. One of the most popular fixes is that it could be related to Riot’s anti-cheat system, Vanguard. Another cause could be another program that is interfering with your VALORANT client. The easiest way to fix this issue is to delete Vanguard and restart your computer.

How do I fix VALORANT error code 1067?

Sometimes, the Error Code 1067 persists. There are a couple of things you can do to fix it: restarting the game or your computer and restarting the “vgs” service in your Task Manager. 1) You can restart the game by selecting "Control Panel" from the start menu and then select "System and Security".

What is Van error?

The Van 84 Valorant error code indicates that your client does not establish a connection with the Valorant servers. A big shocker in this day and age, Valorant is an online game, meaning that in order to play you need access to the servers. You need to be online in order to play with your friends.

"Valorant" is a dungeon crawler game. The player controls a hero and fight against monsters in dungeons. There are 3 types of resources in the game: gold, experience and runes. They are generated from the enemies that the hero kills. The hero levels up after each fight, while the player gets gold and experience. The runes are used to unlock new skills in the skill tree.