Friday, June 25, 2021

[Only 2 Reasons] Why K-pop is Cringy?

Why K-pop is Cringy?

K-pop is a short form of Korean popular music the K-pop is origin from south Korea K-pop became very famous in the 2000s when the internet became a new world where anyone can listen to their favorite music for K-pop it just became a way to spread their talent to the world K-pop is just a name the real name of south Korean music was gayo which is very famous in the parts of Korea.  K-pop get growth in 2019 when they started publishing their art on the internet there were only 2 main groups BTS and BlackPink which both were cited as the leading growth of the K-pop industry in the market.

Why K-pop is Cringy?

Mainly the growth of K-pop fans makes them be cringy because they get so much fame and the main reason for Cringy is fan wars that make it Cringy K-pop fans are now in the whole world if someone likes their music or if someone doesn't like it the normal person might feel it cringy that's why the die heart fan of K-pop might look Cringy to non-follower of K-pop. 

K-pop Groups fan wars 

Why K-pop is Cringy?
The K-pop groups have a huge audience people from anywhere around the world might follow a group of K-pop as their idols and some other person might follow its K-pop idol, in that case, they might not accept their bad sides or negative talks about them the group's fans share the memes and posts to troll each other groups and that's what is fan wars.

K-Pop is a subgenre of music that originated in South Korea. The genre has been influenced by many styles and genres from around the world, including classical, folk, country, reggae, electronic dance, gospel, hip hop, R&B, and pop. Modern K-Pop emerged with the formation of Seo Taiji and Boys in 1992. They experimented with different styles and genres of music and integrated foreign musical elements to reshape the contemporary music scene.

It's not just about music: K-pop and Korean entertainment (known as the Korean Wave) has taken over the world. The recent surge of interest in K-pop and Korean entertainment began with TVXQ and BoA, who started their careers in the 1990s. These two legendary singers were the first to take the music genre global. From 2003 onwards, K-pop has been an international hit because of social media and TV shows.

K-pop is a general term for popular music in South Korea. The term became popular in the 2000s, but K-pop is often used more specifically to refer to the genre described here. In 2018, K-pop experienced significant growth and became a 'power player,' marking a 17.9% increase in revenue growth.

How K-pop became a global phenomenon

K-pop has become a global phenomenon. The genre's distinctive blend of addictive melodies, slick choreography, and production values is what sets it apart. It's all thanks to the grueling studio systems that these South Korean performers have gone through. The K-pop industry has managed to blend aspects of its culture into the music to make it truly unique.
K-pop has been steadily growing for more than 20 years, but the genre has experienced a massive rise in popularity in the past five to 10 years. South Korean artists have hit the Billboard Hot 100 more times in this time frame than ever before. They've also exported their music better than ever. South Korea's music industry is now worth $5 billion, which is an impressive number.
Though many South Koreans are extremely proud of their country's hosting of the 2018 Winter Olympics, they are also nervous about the tensions with North Korea. With this in mind, K-pop has taken on a whole new kind of sociopolitical significance. South Korea is displaying its best-known export to the world and telling the world that it will not be intimidated by North Korea.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

[Only 2 Reasons] Why xQc is so Popular? In 2022

Why xQc is so Popular?

xQc is a very famous Canadian twitch streamer who plays a variety of games he is also a professional overwatch player xQc's real name is Felix Lengyel he was born in 1995 now he has 5.8 million followers on twitch started his career in gaming by playing overwatch. xQc started his first stream in 2014 by playing league of legends.

Why xQc is so Popular?

He mainly became famous in 2019 where he started reacting to videos and memes also he streamed different variety games on twitch where he streamed 365 unique and strangest games for 365 days with the interest gained many audiences in that time.

Why do so many people like XQC?

Xqc is a different streamer he played around 365 different games every day with a new title also he makes every game interesting while playing he also plays some of the strangest games that anyone would not like to play but xQc made a great audience who loves to see the variety of games which he streams.

xQc is very famous for his funny streams where viewers never felt bored while watching him mainly xQc is a good guy many people think that he a toxic person but he always pays attention to his chat. For now, the xQc is playing GTAV, RP, where he plays the game so funny that he is gaining more followers he plays GTAV RP on the Nonpixel server he was also prohibited in it five times.

Why xQc does not play Overwatch Now?

Why xQc is so Popular?

A fan asked him a question on stream that why he don't play overwatch then he replied that the main reason for not playing overwatch is stream snipers whenever I play the games the people start coming to my team and trying to grab some attention he wants to play every game like the fun and enjoy it but because of people coming to his team he said I will not play it.

Félix Lengyel is a Canadian Twitch streamer, who is also a former professional Overwatch player for the Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League. In 2018, he was crowned the champion for the Overwatch World Cup with Team Canada. However, Lengyel was released from the league due to his actions being too much of a controversy. He now streams full-time on Twitch as a variety streamer for Luminosity Gaming.

Early life

Lengyel was born on November 12, 1995 in Laval, Quebec, Canada. He is of Hungarian descent and speaks both English and French fluently. He completed his secondary schooling and studied humanities at a CEGEP before switching to administration. But before graduating from the program after three and a half years, Lengyel quit. He started streaming games on Twitch in 2016, starting with League of Legends. In 2017, he discovered the game Overwatch and played it competitively.

What is xQc problem?

In this new era, online communities have become digital spaces where people from all over the world gather to discuss and share their thoughts. In the past, a person could only find a community by physically going to a mall or public space. Nowadays, with the help of social media or instant messaging, people can find a community online with only a few clicks of a mouse.xQc was recently banned twice for showing nudity. The first ban was for 3 days after he won a game of Connect Four against an NPC who then took her clothes off. The second ban was for 7 days, after he was found to be stream sniping in a Fall Guys Twitch Rivals event.

How much does xQc pay monthly?

xQc is a professional gamer who has a big fan base on Twitch. His average earnings per year have been about $300k, but his recent success means that he is now averaging closer to $400k per year. Considering that he earned $750k in September, his Twitch earnings in 2021 should be at least $5 million.

Monday, June 21, 2021

[Only 1 Reason] Will shroud start streaming on Youtube?

Will shroud start streaming on Youtube?

Shroud is a very famous gamer who plays FPS games. He is very famous for his gaming skills shroud became famous on twitch by playing CSGO, PUBGPC he plays a variety of different FPS games He was recently back to twitch from streaming on mixer shroud is now actively streaming on twitch he also has a verified youtube channel where he uploads its clips from his live streams.

Nowadays Shroud is playing Valorant 5v5 Multiplayer FPS game he uploads all the clips on youtube his friend streamer who is well known as has also started streaming on Youtube and after that many users are assuming that shroud might start streaming on youtube too He has around 7 million subscribers and there is a decent number of active audiences that watches his clips on youtube.

Will shroud start streaming on Youtube?

Will shroud start streaming on Youtube?

The answer is No because the shroud has agreed to a new deal with twitch where he started streaming on twitch after a month before that he has partnered with a streamer on the mixer but due to the financial losses the mixer has to shut down and shroud came back on twitch as a main priority and the main reason of the shroud not streaming on youtube is there is more income on the twitch as compare to twitch. Many users want him to begin streaming on youtube but due to growth in streaming on youtube Shroud might try it in the future.

Is YouTube live streaming free?

YouTube is a live streaming Goliath that is difficult to navigate. This platform offers a myriad of content from major producers to amateur streamers. It's free to live stream, but it's also easy to get lost in the vast amounts of content.

Does streaming on YouTube work?

YouTube Live is an easy way for YouTube Creators to interact with their audience when they're in the mood. ... YouTube Creators can go live using their webcam, mobile device, or encoder when they're in the mood. Webcam and mobile are great for beginners or anyone in a hurry.

YouTube Live is a fast and easy way for Creators to reach their community in real time. It's perfect for beginners, too. Anyone can go live quickly with webcam or mobile options. If you're just getting started, webcam will be best for you. More advanced creators can get started by using mobile-based streaming too.

How do I activate YouTube live streaming?

Your YouTube video is live and you want to make sure it's perfect. But, how do you know your phone or tablet will send the video correctly? With these easy-to-follow steps, creators can set up a YouTube Live stream and deliver their message instantly.

Can you get copyrighted on a live stream?

You know what would make life better? Being able to broadcast your awesome cooking show without fear of your stream being terminated because of a third-party copyright infringement. In this new era, live streamers will be able to scan their content for matches to third-party content, including copyrighted content in the form of another live broadcast. These streams will also not be terminated by getting a copyright or Community Guidelines strike.

Can you see who is watching your YouTube Live stream?

YouTube live is not nearly as popular as the other two streaming platforms. Its biggest drawback is that there's no way to see who's watching your stream, so streamers have to rely on the viewer count. The only way to know who's watching is through chat, where you can see who has said anything in the live chat section.One of the newest streaming platforms is YouTube Live. This platform is markedly different from Twitter and Facebook in that it lacks a viewer list. Streamers must rely on the number of viewers to know how many people are watching them. The only way to see who is watching a stream on YouTube Live is through the chat feature.