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[2 Reasons] Will Sakura become Hokage

Will Sakura become Hokage

 Sakura Haruno is a popular animated character that is famous in naruto. Sakura was created by Masashi Kishimoto, the best manga artist. His best work was naruto which was sold 250million copies. Sakura is from the leaf village. Sakura Haruno is from the Uchiha clan. Sakura's father's name is Kizashi Haruno, and her mother's name is Mebuki Haruno. Sakura's classification is in medical ninja sakura married Sasuke. She got a crush on him from the time when she joined the academy. 

Can Sakura be Hokage?

Well, Sakura Haruno can become Hokage because she is the strongest jonin of Konoho's possibly sakura is the greatest kunoichi in the whole world. Sakura has great combat power, which is like a kage. Yes, she is not strong as Naruto Uzumaki, but she has excellent knowledge where sakura is the perfect medical ninja; sakura feels the pain of their loving ones, and to protect them, that's the main thing why she will be Hokage.
Will Sakura become Hokage
Sakura was qualified as the level of Tsunade because both were medical ninja. Furthermore, having good knowledge about many Jutsu, Sakura is also a bright student who was the most knowledgeable.

A significantly fewer medical ninja qualified, but Sakura was among them to protect village sakura might become the 8th Hokage. Sakura also has the qualities of leadership.

Cardcaptor Sakura

Cardcaptor Sakura is a series of Japanese manga (a serialized comic book). It is written and illustrated by the manga group Clamp and was published in 12 tankōbon volumes by Kodansha between November 1996 and July 2000. The story is about an elementary school student who finds magical powers after accidentally releasing a set of cards; she must collect them to prevent chaos. Each card contains different magical powers, and can only be activated by someone with inherent magical abilities.
The 70-episode anime series adaptation of the manga aired on NHK BS2 satellite television in Japan between April 1998 and March 2000. There are also three spinoff films, including two anime films and one film comic; Tokyopop published the manga in English from March 2000 to August 2003. Hong Kong's Omni Productions dubbed the anime in English after the end of Tokyopop's license, and aired it in Southeast Asia and South Asia on Animax Asia.
Nelvana licensed Cardcaptor Sakura for North America under the English title Cardcaptors. The TV series aired on Kids' WB from June 2000 to December 2001. The show was dubbed into English, but other English-speaking territories received the full 70 episodes. It also aired on Cartoon Network (Toonami), Teletoon, Nickelodeon, Network Ten, and RTÉ2. American audiences only got 39 episodes, though that version was heavily edited.
Cardcaptor Sakura is a quintessential shōjo manga and a critical work for manga in general. It was awarded the Seiun Award for Best Manga in 2001 and rated highly by critics and audiences alike. "Cardcaptor Sakura" shares many similarities with the anime "Sailor Moon," and it has even been dubbed by people who grew up on "Sailor Moon."


Ten-year-old Sakura Kinomoto accidentally releases a set of magical cards known as Clow Cards from a book in her basement created by and named after the sorcerer Clow Reed. Each card has its own unique ability and can assume an alternate form when activated. The guardian of the cards, Cerberus (nicknamed Kero), emerges from the book and explains that only a person with magical powers could open the seal of the book, clarifying that Sakura can do magic.
Sakura's adventures don't end there. Once she captures all of the Clow cards, she is tested by Yue, the cards' second guardian, to determine if she is worthy of becoming the cards' true master. However, Yue is actually her school teacher, Kaho Mizuki, in disguise. Aided by Toya, her best friend at school who she has a crush on, Sakura passes the test and becomes the new master of the Clow cards.
Eriol Hiiragizawa, an English transfer student and later reincarnation of Clow Reed, arrives in Tomoeda and begins causing disturbances with two guardian-like creatures, Spinel Sun and Ruby Moon. Sakura is suddenly unable to use the Clow Cards and transforms her wand, beginning the process of evolving the cards into Sakura Cards as Eriol causes strange occurrences that forces her to use and thus transform certain cards.

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[2 Theory] What does nerf & Zod Means in Valorant

What does nerf & Zod Means in Valorant

 Valroant is getting great players that play the game daily and keep grinding the game for that valorant too, works on it to keep updating the game and introduce new agents that attract some new players. Maintaining the similarity among the agents helps the players choose an agent without any discrimination of extra features because a single additional ability agent will have more priority than other agents. 

What does nerf Mean in Valorant?

It is a word or slang used whenever an agent or a gun is reconfigured in a game to make it less powerful. 
What does nerf Mean in Valorant?
An easy example of nerf is Breach in Valorant. It had 3 flashes. After an update, the valorant team reconfigured it and reduced the flashes to 2. However, many players face an issue that its flash blinds the player for 5 seconds, and with 3 flashes, it is not easy to counter breach with another agent.

What does Zod Mean in Valorant?

Zod means Immortal, but for many Indian YouTubers that started saying it as slang for many Indian streamers, the real meaning of Zod is God.
What does nerf & Zod Means in Valorant
After a good game, many YouTubers started saying Zod. Then, after an excellent shot, they used the slang many twitch and the YouTube gaming community had made their own slangs pronounced by their fans and gaming mates.


Neon is the newest addition to the roster of champions in League of Legends. She’s certain to cause havoc on both teams. While it is unclear how she will be played, her kit looks to push a tanky style. It appears that Neon will have a lot of mobility and skill-shots.


Neon’s detailed kit hasn’t been officially revealed by Riot Games, but we can get a glimpse of it through their trailer.
Based on her moves, we can see that Neon will be a nightmare for players who like to stay at the edge of the playfield. Equipped with an agile skill, she can quickly take over sites on the battlefield. She'll be a force both in defending and attacking sides of the field.
Her second ability seems to be a concussion grenade that enables her to clear out narrow choke points. She is clearly a vital member of the team and we can't wait to see more of what she can do on the field.
Her third ability seems to be absurdly good at entering sites. This wall can be used to access a site, but it only has one entrance and exit point.
Neon's ultimate ability allows her to shoot electric shocks from her fingers. This is a great addition to her other abilities, which include a grappling hook and a long-range lightning attack.


Neon will join the Valorant team on January 10, 2022 alongside the highly anticipated Episode 4 Act 1 update.

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[100% Fix] Valorant all errors in just 2 steps in 2022

Fix Valorant all error in 2 steps

 Valorant is a trendy FPS Pc game because it has been played by many popular and professional pc games players, and some of the CSGO players have shifted to valorant as the main game. So Valorant has got a big player base now recently for that Valorant is trying to keep the game up to date for that Valorant release updates with some skins and with new maps that led to some bugs sometimes which can cause to some errors like game crash and connection time error so to fix all the kinds of valorant you can follow the simple steps which I will mention below.

What is Vanguard?

It is an anti-cheat system by valorant itself self. It needs to start with windows because it's the background service that helps to play Valorant.

Step 1.

1. If you face valorant error code 128 vanguard not initialized or valorant error code 57, then the steps below can help you for sure.

2. You have to check whether the vanguard is working or not. It is at the right bottom of the taskbar. If it working, then also if your game does not start, then Right click on Vanguard and click on exit.

3. You have to open This Pc, then go to Local Disc C. After that, open program files, find the Riot Vanguard folder, and delete it.

Fix Valorant all error in 2 steps
4. location for Riot Vanguard folder- C:\Program Files\Riot Vanguard

Note:- After performing all these steps, Restart your game it will take 20 to 25 MB to update and install all the dependencies and Restart the computer, and after that game will start working.

Step 2.

1. It's a server error that can cause after an update. This error can cause valorant error code 43 and valorant error code 0 the connection error.

2. Press the start button and search Run to open it. After that, type %localappdata% and hit enter. It will open a folder that will contain all the local app data.

3. Find the Riot games folder opens it. After that, open the Riot client Folder. After that, open the Data folder, and then you will see RiotclientPrivateSetting.yaml file deletes it and starts the game.

Fix Valorant all error in 2 steps

4. After starting the game, it will take a minor update and restart the computer after the update, and after the restart, there will be no error.

5. Location for RiotclientPrivateSetting.yaml file- C:\Users\jayesh pc\AppData\Local\Riot Games\RiotClient\Data

Note:- after all the settings, try restarting your PC to apply all the settings.